Amazon says it delivered over one billion items with Prime this holiday season

amazon canada

Amazon seems to be one of the places Canadians decided to shop this holiday season as the company has released some impressive statistics, which also includes Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day.

Noting a “record-breaking season,” Amazon stated that it shipped over one billion items shipped to Prime members worldwide. In addition, its app saw a massive boost by 56 percent this holiday season with more than 72 percent of total Amazon customers around the globe using a mobile device to purchase items.

While December 19th was “the peak worldwide shipping day this holiday season,” Cyber Monday saw customers purchase 46 electronics and 36 toys per second per second from a mobile device. From a Canadian perspective, over 400,000 items were shipped to same day to Prime members in Toronto and Vancouver.

Some of the most popular products this holiday season were:

Mike Strauch, Country Manager for Amazon Canada, said, “We are excited to have so many Canadian customers try Amazon Prime for the first time this holiday season.”

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