Cyanogen Inc. shuts down Cyanogen OS nightly builds and services

It’s been a shaky couple of years for the modified Android ROM maker Cyanogen Inc. The company worked with big-name OEMs like OnePlus to put Cyanogen services and software onto smartphones, but uncertainty about the future, among other issues, meant that the projects never really took off.

In a blog post this past week, Cyanogen Inc. announced that as of December 31, 2016, no new nightly builds of Cyanogen OS will be released, and all associated services will be discontinued. As a result of the announcement, Cyanogen devices like the OnePlus One will need to switch to the open source CyanogenMod OS to receive future software updates.

This news comes after Cyanogen Inc.’s co-founder Steve Kondik left the company last month. The company said at the time that it would be consolidating into one team focused on a modular approach, building add-ons for Android as opposed to a complete operating system.

Following the announcement, the CyanogenMod team said it will start work on a new project called Lineage that aims to adhere more closely to the original grassroots vision for Cyanogen. Currently there aren’t many details on the new project, but for now, anybody using Cyanogen OS is effectively stuck without support, and those using Cyanogen services (if they exist) will be searching for replacements next week.