Apple CEO Tim Cook calls AirPods a ‘runaway success’ after ‘great’ holiday sales season

Apple CEO Tim Cook answered a few questions from reporters while on a tour of the New York Stock Exchange with his nephew this week.

When asked whether or not he could comment on the business, Cook expectedly denied comment, though stated that Apple has had a “great holiday.”

CNBC reporter went on to question Cook about Apple’s shortage of the company’s recently-released AirPods. Cook called the accessory a “runaway success,” and claimed that Apple is making them as fast as they can.

The AirPods were introduced in mid-December and began shipping to customers on December 19th, which was also the first day retailers began carrying the accessory.

Apple’s wireless AirPods were introduced alongside the iPhone 7 in September, and were to officially launch with retailers in October. However, rather than picking up a pair of AirPods in October, Apple told customers it needed “a little more time” to ship them.

Since their official release, Apple users have continued to experience difficulty purchasing them. Online orders for Apple’s AirPods placed today won’t ship for approximately six weeks due to constrained supplies.

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