Nintendo commits to releasing 2 to 3 mobile games per year

Super Mario Run

Following the launch of Super Mario Run, Nintendo has revealed that it aims to debut two or three mobile games every year starting in 2017. Nintendo President Takeshi Kimishima revealed the news in an interview with daily Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shimbun, stating also that the hotly-awaited Android version of Super Mario Run is coming soon in the new year.

The move marks a clear indication that the legendary gaming company is now shifting a significant portion of its focus on to mobile gaming, a move that is no doubt bolstered by the approximately 40 million downloads received by Super Mario Run in its first four days of availability. Despite the initial appeal, however, the game has received mixed reviews from critics and players alike for its hefty price tag and simple gameplay. Nintendo’s mobile game debut, Miitomo, released earlier in 2016, also enjoyed brief success before quickly petering out due to what many believed was an over-simplified concept.

As for what games are in the pipeline, entries in the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem series will likely debut in March 2017.

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