Microsoft is working on an AR solution that could help you keep track of household items

Microsoft has applied to patent a high-tech augmented reality (AR) system that will, among other things, help users find their missing keys inside their home.

The application proposes a technology that uses a Hololens-type AR headset to scan a person’s surroundings and makes note of where specific important items like keys, wallets or tech devices are located, as well as their states, positions and other identifying characteristics. If the user then loses track of those tracked objects, the system can guide them to their location — regardless of whether or not the items are now hidden from view.

To define important objects, Microsoft says users could hold them up to the display to identify or the system could use artificial intelligence to learn what objects are important in the user’s life and keep stock of them.


Further, the company sees the technology being expanded to include consideration of other types of household items. It could remind users that the milk was half empty when they’re out at the store, for instance.

“Much time may be spent in trying to locate misplaced objects. For example, searching for misplaced car keys, wallets, mobile devices, and the like may cause people to lose productive time. Likewise, forgetting that the milk carton in the home refrigerator is almost empty may lead to an extra trip to the store,” says the filing.

Since the development of this technology is clearly in the early stages, it’s impossible to say whether or not this tech will come to fruition, but regardless it’s a creative concept for how AR might be used in day-to-day life in the future.