Samsung’s Galaxy S8 might feature PC functionality when connected to a monitor

Samsung may be preparing to take a page from Microsoft’s book.

A leaked slide purportedly from a Galaxy S8 presentation shows the company’s upcoming smartphone providing desktop functionality when hooked up to a computer monitor. The image comes from an anonymous source via All About Windows Phone.

The image shows a Samsung device connected a monitor with the Android symbol hovering between the two images. The device’s screen is mirrored in a tab on the monitor, though it’s unclear whether the scene is meant to portray multi-window use. The slide features the accompanying text: “Samsung Desktop Experience: Next Mobile Workspace,” followed by the bullet points “multi-tasking, external monitor, keyboard & mouse.”

samsung mobile pc

The system shown in the image seems close to Microsoft’s Windows Continuum, which scales the mobile operating system on a Windows phone for use on an external display with support for mouse and keyboard input over USB or Bluetooth, when the device is connected via cable, docking station or the Miracast wireless connection standard.

This leak is far from conclusive, but if Samsung hopes to snag part of the valuable enterprise mobile market, it could be a significant step in the right direction.

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