Following Note 7 flame out, Samsung SDI CEO vows to put focus on safety first in 2017

While it’s now almost certain Samsung SDI, Samsung’s battery subsidiary, was unfairly blamed for the Note 7’s battery woes, it appears the company still went through an existential crisis following the incident.

Indeed, after what was likely months of soul searching, Samsung SDI CEO Cho Nam-seong told his company safety is to be its number one priority moving forward.

“We should establish a corporate culture that puts safety first,” he said in his first post-New Year’s address to company employees.

According to the Korean Herald, Nam-seong and company plan to achieve this goal by developing innovative new manufacturing methods and battery designs, as well as by making additional investments in safety procedures and corporate restructuring.

“I am confident the innovative corporate culture we have pushed since last year will form the basis of becoming a 100-year-old company,” said Nam-seong during his closing remarks.

According to a report from earlier in the week, Samsung recently discovered the cause of the Note 7’s combustion issues. The company is expected to reveal the results of its investigation later this month. An independent report, however, concluded the company’s engineers did not design the Note 7’s battery compartment to offer enough room for its power cell to expand.

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