Move over Google Wifi, Linksys’ new Velop router is also mesh-capable

Canadian consumers no longer have to wait for Google to announce a release date for Google Wifi to get their hands on a mesh network-capable Wi-Fi router.

On January 15th, Linksys will release its mesh network-capable Velop router in Canada, the company announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Each Velop, available in kits that include one, two or three separate units, is a tri-band AC2200 router, and can also act as range extender, access point and bridge.

In the past, if a homeowner wanted to extend the coverage of their in-home Wi-Fi network, they had to depend on devices called Wi-Fi extenders. In this regard, mesh networks present two main advantages over traditional home Wi-Fi setups. Unlike when connecting to an extender, users do not experience a loss in Wi-Fi speed when connecting to any part of a mesh network. Moreover, each part of a mesh network is not a separate Wi-Fi network, which enables a seamless Wi-Fi experience while walking about one’s home.

Despite the potential for a complicated setup, Linksys says initial setup is easy with its accompanying mobile app, which can provide suggestions on where to place each node in the network. After setup is complete, the app acts a management tool, enabling functions like parental controls.

As with other mesh network router setups, the Velop is not cheap. A single unit is priced at $249.99 CAD, while the two pack and three pack are priced at $500 CAD and $650 CAD, respectively.