Galaxy S8 design potentially leaks in new photo

Thanks to the Chinese social network Weibo — a common source of leaks in the smartphone world — Samsung fans now have a better idea of what the Galaxy S8 may look like.

If the leaked photo is legitimate, it all but confirms that the device will have no physical front-mounting buttons, which means that the fingerprint scanner and home buttons will likely be embedded in the screen.

In addition, the device appears to be gold with thin side bezels and relatively thin bezels on the top and bottom. The size of the screen can’t be determined from the photo, though rumours have suggested that two devices — one with a 5.5 inch-screen and one with a 6.2-inch screen — could be released. Other rumours however, have leaned towards the release of just one device.


In the absence of a physical home button, it’s likely that the device pictured contains a screen larger than the 5.5 inch display of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

While it’s suspected that the company will follow in Apple’s footsteps by abandoning the 3.5mm headphone jack, this can’t be determined from the photo alone.

This past year has left Samsung reeling from the flaming disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7, which arguably makes the upcoming Galaxy S8 one of 2017’s most anticipated devices.

Other rumours surrounding the S8 launch include the potential for PC functionality, the release of wireless earbuds alongside the device and the incorporation of an auto-focus selfie cam.

It’s not clear when the S8 will be officially released, though rumours indicate Samsung may release the device this coming April, possibly in New York. MobileSyrup previously reported that mass production of the device will begin in March and the official launch in April of 2017.

Samsung is reportedly aiming to develop 10 million units ahead of the launch.