BlackBerry partners with Giuliani security consulting firm


CES is always a busy week in the consumer electronics space, with many big and small companies using the convention to debut products and make exciting announcements.

One company that few people were expecting to even participate this year was BlackBerry. The Waterloo-based tech company showed off a new phone called currently called ‘Mercury,’ manufactured through a partnership with TCL, and announced a software platform for autonomous cars.

One area where BlackBerry has always been strong is in the security and enterprise sector. Another announcement the company made during CES was about a new partnership with security consulting firm Giuliani Partners, to use BlackBerry’s Secure platform in support of government and enterprise customers.

BlackBerry currently ranks 40th out of the top 500 global cybersecurity organizations according to Cybersecurity Ventures’ market research. The company also boasts parts of all G7 governments and three quarters of the G20 countries’ governments as clients.