It was only a matter of time before Instagram Stories started playing ads


Instagram announced recently that it will begin placing ads between Stories, which currently play one after another as users watch them.

The ads will reportedly be full-screen photo or video spots which will be inserted automatically as you jump from one friend’s post to another.

Over 150 million people reportedly use the Stories feature every day. This announcement comes shortly after Facebook revealed the launch of video ads on its core platform.

Facebook will soon be inserting ads in the middle of video posts, which doesn’t some as a surprise after the efforts expended over the past few years to optimize the social network for video publishers.

This is an important move for Instagram because it gives the platform a lot more space to sell ads. Seeing as Facebook is currently running out of spaces to generate ad revenue through the newsfeed, this recent update to Instagram Stories is timely in providing an alternative.

The new ads will roll out with just 30 advertisers but will reportedly be available to global firms within a few weeks,