Over 400,000 Canadians donated to a charity through PayPal last year

Canadians are using digital payments for more than simply to shop for themselves.

In 2016 PayPay users donated over $7.3 billion CAD through PayPal, $971 million of which was given during the holiday season. Canadian PayPay users alone however donated $48.7 million USD to charitable causes, ranking second highest among the world’s top giving countries.

According to a statement sent by PayPal, a total of 400,000 Canadians gave to charitable causes through the platform this year.

Other to countries include the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France and Italy. The United States takes first place with a whopping $791 million donated in 2016, pulling away from the next closest nation.

Some other interesting statistics about the donations made with PayPay throughout the 2016 year include the overall growth of mobile giving. Over 21 percent of donations were made through a mobile device this holiday season, with 12 percent more gifts being purchased through a mobile device compares to 2015.

In addition, more donations were processed on December 31 than on any other day of the season, totalling $77 million to thousands of charities globally.