Samsung to reveal why the Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on January 23rd, says report

During CES 2017, Tim Baxter, president and COO of Samsung Electronics America, stated the company is “reflecting” and “listening” to its customers after the unfortunate Galaxy Note 7 battery issues, Samsung is “recommitting to [its] customers in 2017” and will continue “building on [its] heritage to reach higher for you.” Baxter

According to a new report in Reuters, Samsung has officially concluded its Note 7 investigation and has found out the exact reason some devices exploded, specifically calling out the batteries. Reuters states Samsung will announce full details on January 23rd, and will also unveil new measures the company is putting in place that ensure these safety concerns do not happen in future devices.

Health Canada noted Samsung “sold or distributed” approximately 39,000 Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in Canada and received four reports of phone batteries overheating with one incident resulting in a “minor burn injury to a consumer’s forearm.”

Samsung has since deactivated all Note 7’s from operating in the Canadian market.

Source: Reuters