Tesla autopilot update rolls out to HW2 cars, may activate by end of week

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the company’s highly-anticipated Enhanced Autopilot update has rolled out to vehicles with second-generation self-driving hardware — known as HW2 cars — including the Model S and X.

Musk notes, however, that the update is currently in ‘non-actuating’ mode in order for the company to assess reliability. If all appears safe and ready, the update will activate by the end of the week (January 20th to 22nd).


Additionally, Musk assured followers that the company has not forgotten about HW1 vehicles, noting that several HW1 improvements will roll out over the course of 2017.

Enhanced Autopilot is set to deliver features such as autosteer, smart summon, autopark and auto lane change. Though some of those features aren’t new, having shipped in first-generation vehicles, they were deactivated for the HW2 vehicles in order to calibrate the system.

Tesla announced in October 2016 that all cars in production from then on would have “full self-driving capabilities” in terms of hardware.