Slack finally adds threaded messaging to its popular enterprise chat app

Threaded messages are finally coming to Slack.

The company, founded by Canadian Stewart Butterfield, announced the addition of the frequently requested feature today in a blog post on its website.

Slack envisions threaded messages as a way for teams to declutter their channels. Slack users can start a threaded conversation by clicking (or tapping, in the case of the mobile app) on a message and selecting the “start a thread” option. Tapping this option launches a sidebar, which appears to the right of the app’s main conversation field. It’s here that users can add other team members to the thread and write any messages they deem fit.


Unlike privates messages involving multiple individuals, everyone in the channel in which the threaded conversation is happening in can see what their co-workers are writing. By default, however, users who aren’t actively participating in the threaded conversation will see a collapsed view of the conversation. If there’s a message those taking part in feel their entire team should see, they can highlight it in the main channel.

To help users manage multiple threaded conversations, Slack has added an “all threads” tab to the left sidebar. In this section, users can see all their threaded messages at once.

The update comes as Microsoft prepares to enter the enterprise messaging space. In November, the company announced Teams, its Slack competitor. When Microsoft demoed the app, it made sure to highlight its built-in support for threaded messages.