How Canadians can watch the Presidential inauguration

What may be the most anticipated presidential inauguration in American history is taking place this Friday, January 20th, and millions of people around the world will likely tune in to watch.

If you’re Canadian, but you’re still planning to saddle in this weekend to watch Donald Trump take the reigns of the United States of America, there are several mediums through which you can catch all the action.

Twitter Livestream

As part of Twitter’s plan to refresh and revamp its product, the company has partnered with PBS Newshour to livestream the presidential inauguration. Twitter users around the world will be able to watch the entire event beginning 11am on Inauguration day and running until 5pm Furthermore, the live stream will be accessible to anyone, whether or not you have a Twitter account.

To watch the Twitter live stream on January 20, click here.

Broadcaster Coverage

Several prominent broadcasters will be showing the inauguration, not only on live TV, but through other distribution methods.

  • NBC, for example, will start livestreaming the event at 10am through their website, In addition, the broadcaster will allow users to watch their coverage on YouTube, Roku, FireTV, and Apple TV. Not only will CBS cover the inauguration, beginning at 7 a.m. and continuing well into the evening news, but the broadcaster will livestream the event on CBSN, their 24/7 livestream channel.

Canadian Broadcasters

As the United States’ northern neighbour, (and with all this talk of walls) Canadian broadcasters have covered the presidential election and transition period diligently and will continue to do so through inauguration day on January 20th.

Stations like CTV, CBC and Global News will begin their coverage of the event on the morning of January 20th, which will continue into the evening. For those looking for options outside of basic cable, Global News is livestreaming preparation details on its website as we speak.

To watch the livestream, click here. 

Official White House Coverage

The White House will be broadcasting the inauguration live on its official website. In addition, the White House will broadcast the event across their respective YouTube channels.

To watch the live stream on the White House’s official website, click here.

To watch the event on the White House YouTube channel, click here.

YouTube Coverage

In addition to the White House, several news outlets have partnered with YouTube for inauguration livestreaming. These include Telemundo, Bloomberg Politics, C-SPANABC, the Washington Post, who will all air coverage on their respective YouTube channels.

USA Today 360 Degree/Virtual Reality Extravaganza

Finally, USA Today decided to try something different this year, which seems suitable for an inauguration unlike any other. USA Today will be broadcasting their coverage live using a 360 degree, virtual reality camera for their show, VRtually There. To produce this broadcast, USA Today will use multiple VR camera angles that will be positioned along the inaugural parade route.

Users can watch their coverage on the USA Today YouTube Channel.