SaskTel customers can now roam on AT&T’s LTE network while traveling in the U.S.


On Tuesday January 29th, SaskTel announced it has signed a roaming agreement with AT&T, allowing its customers to use the carrier’s 3G and 4G LTE network while traveling in the U.S.

“This roaming agreement with AT&T will enable SaskTel customers to enjoy 4G LTE wireless speeds while travelling in the U.S.,” said SaskTel President and CEO, Ron Styles. “SaskTel is committed to delivering superior international coverage to our customers and the resulting faster mobile data speeds will provide improved performance to our customers roaming across the U.S.”

Pricing follows the standard the company set back at the end of 2015. Subscribers can text “Join” to 400400 to take advantage of the company’s daily U.S. roaming rates. $5 per day grants subscribers 300MB of data, while $3 per day grants them unlimited voice calling.

Frequent travellers to U.S. also have the option to take advantage of the carrier’s Roam and Relax plans. Priced at $50 and $70, these plans grant subscribers access to 1GB and 2GB monthly roaming data, respectively, as well as unlimited texting and up to 500 calling minutes. On both plans, 300MB of additional data costs $5 per day.

SaskTel made its announcement one day after Freedom Mobile ended its roaming agreement with T-Mobile, leaving AT&T as the carrier’s sole U.S. roaming partner.