Snapchat will use third-party data to deliver targeted advertisements

Snapchat has signed a new partnership agreement with Oracle Data Cloud that will allow the company to deliver targeted ads using third-party data.

This agreement will help marketers use data from offline purchases to target users with more relevant ads on Snapchat. This is the first time Snap has agreed to ad targeting using third-party data, and the move suggests that the company is taking steps towards becoming more like its competitors.

Facebook, Google and Twitter also offer the same data targeting options through their own Datalogix partnerships, which was acquired by Oracle in 2014.

Furthermore, this partnership will allow marketers that advertise on Snapchat to measure whether ad campaigns on the app translate into real-time sales, reports The Wall Street Journal

The past few years have seen Snap aggressively attempt to build out its digital marketing strategy, with its most recent update coming this past September with the rollout of Snap Audience Match.

This program allowed marketers and advertisers to use their own email lists for data marketing purposes. Furthermore, Snap has reportedly partnered with several ad management companies, and recently began automating the ad-buying process for marketers through an API.

Snap has previously been called slow in adopting advertising targeting options, compared to counterparts like Facebook. It’s also important to note that the company recently filed confidentially for IPO this past year.

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