See your life flash before your eyes with 1 Second Everyday [App of the Week]

Looking back on our lives can give us perspective or allow us to relive moments of joy that bring us comfort — but it can also be difficult to access those memories, especially in times of stress.

1 Second Everyday (1SE) helps users do just that, without the hassle of extensive footage and editing. The app’s creator, Cesar Kuriyama, writes in the app’s description that it was inspired by a personal project that had a “profoundly positive impact” on his life in which he taped a second of each day and eventually stitched them together, allowing him to relive every single day of his life at age 30 in six minutes. By 40, says Kuriyama, he’ll be able to look over an hour compilation of his entire thirties.

The app is minimal and easy to use. Once users open it, they’re directed to a homepage where the one second clips are stored. A video button at the bottom of the app allows them to immediately begin taping for the day. Users can add more than one video per day, and also insert them from a video library.

For those who think the app sounds like a good idea in theory, but aren’t sure whether they’d be able to remember to log their second, the settings button in the top right-hand corner opens up to a reminders section with toggles for morning, midday, evening, night and late notifications.

Much like Snapchat’s aggregated stories, there’s also an option in 1SE for users to contribute their footage to massive montages pertaining to specific events, holidays or time periods.

When enough clips have been aggregated, the user can then click the compile button on the top navigation bar to take a look back over past moments in their life — the good, the bad and the in-between. That video can then be sent or saved in a variety of ways for posterity.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and for $6.99 CAD in the App Store.