Blast off to another world with Landing Confirmed [Game of the Week]

If the recent presidential inauguration has you down and you’ve been thinking of blasting off to a new planet, but can’t because Elon Musk is dragging his feet, Landing Confirmed may help you forget about the current political climate.

In Landing Confirmed players navigate a somewhat awkward to fly rocket ship around obstacles, with the ultimate goal of safely landing the shuttle on another platform placed in a specific, often hard to reach location in the stage.


Tapping the left side of the screen moves your rectangular ship right, and you guessed it, pressing the right side moves the ship to the left. For some, this is likely the exact opposite direction your brain thinks the vessel should be headed, and is actually the crux of the entire game.

In typical mobile game fashion, levels in Landing Confirmed become progressively more difficult, with later stages being nearly impossible, especially when the game introduces multiple “gold triggers” the move different aspects of the stage around.

Like many mobile titles that make it into MobileSyrup’s coveted “Game of the Week” series, Vladyslav Vikulov’s Landing Confirmed adopts a simplistic, polygonal minimalist art direction that fits perfectly with its deceptively difficult gameplay.

Landing Confirmed is free on Android and iOS but is supported by in-app ads. This means that occasionally a random ad will appear on the screen after one of your (likely many) failed attempts at a stage.