Final Android Wear 2.0 preview adds iOS support

Moto 360 second generation smartwatch

Google released the fifth and final developer Android Wear 2.0 preview today, and with it, iOS compatibility is now supported, allowing third-party developers to make their apps available to iPhone users with Android Wear watches for the first time. The preview also adds other bug fixes and enhancements, such as streamlined navigation and NFC HCE support.

Android Wear 2.0 is bringing some major changes to the Wear ecosystem. There will now be standalone apps that won’t require a phone to be nearby to operate on the watch. Instead, the device can communicate through wifi, Bluetooth or cellular data.

What’s more, watches will include their own standalone Google Play Store, which means that apps don’t have to be installed on the phone as well.

The overall design is also revamped to allow for easier messaging, simplified notification delivery and improved fitness options.

Android Wear 2.0 may launch on February 9th, according to a recent report.

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