Android apps with emoji descriptions may get more downloads, study suggests

Unicode 9.0 emoji

Android apps that have Play Store descriptions with emojis may see an increase in the amount of times they’re downloaded, according to a study.

App developer Novoda says that by constantly tweaking and testing its Play Store listings, they were able to raise their global conversion rate (views/downloads) by over 4.5 per cent.

In one experiment, they wanted to see if adding emojis to the presentation may increase app exposure. To do this, they put the rocket ship, bin and 100% emojis in the short description for the popular CCleaner app.

They tested each icon in the description of the app for 25 percent of Google Play users in various countries. For the remaining 25 percent, they didn’t add any emojis.

In Germany, Italy, and Poland, the apps with emoji descriptions were downloaded more often. Each country saw at least a four percent increase depending on the icon, with Germany (see below) seeing over 20 per cent more downloads for apps with the rocket emoji.

The differences in Russia, Spain, and France were too small to be considered conclusive.

English-speaking countries actually downloaded the app more times when the descriptions didn’t have any emojis. However, Novoda noted that the description hadn’t yet been localized, so all of these countries saw the same listings.

Therefore, it was concluded that while these endeavors can have “real and measurable effects” on revenue, it’s important to have adaptable strategies depending on the region.

Outside of apps, emojis will also be featured in their own full-length animated movie, which has Patrick Stewart voicing the poop emoji.

Source: Novoda