Rapper Ludacris partners with app developer for Slang N’ Friends

Ludacris, a popular mid aughts rapper, best known for songs like “Move Bitch,” “Roll Out” and “Get Back,” has partnered with start-up founder Edwin Benton for Slang N’ Friendz, a word game designed for iOS and Android.

Slang N’ Friendz is very similar to Scrabble and Words With Friends with one key difference: players can use both traditional and slang words in the game. Tile sets and backgrounds, as well as hearing Ludacris react to certain words like “turnt” and “bae,” is also a prominent feature in the game, giving players additional points.

Back in September of 2015 Ludacris partnered with delivery app Roadie to promote the peer-to-peer shipping market. In an interview with Tech Crunch, Ludacris says that he believes the tech industry is the future and that he has invested in a variety of companies, though he declined to reveal specifically what ones.

In recent years it’s believed that Ludacris has suffered from financial problems, at one point claiming that he was  unable to afford the thousand of dollars in child support he owned his former spouse.

Slang N Friends is available on iOS and Android for free.