New image of LG’s upcoming G6 emerges

LG G6 front

The Samsung S8 and LG G6 leaks continue to come at a torrid pace this week, with the latest one showing a new angle of LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone.

We got our first good look at the G6 at the start of the week when The Verge published a press render of the upcoming smartphone. This latest leak comes courtesy of, and given the fact that the phone pictured in this latest image looks identical to the one in the photograph published by The Verge, it’s almost certain they’re the same device.LG G6 leak

Other than that tidbit, this latest image of the G6 doesn’t reveal a lot of new information about the device. Based on lengthy SIM tray, it seems obvious the G6 will include a microSD slot.

The one other interesting thing about this image is that we don’t see the bottom of this phone. Is the G6 hiding a hideous chin? We’ll have to wait until February 26th, the day LG is scheduled to officially unveil the phone in Barcelona.