Use TO Ice Breakers to get closer to local art exhibits [App of the week]

TOIceBreakers mobile app

This edition of App of the Week has a local focus as five public art installations take form through Toronto’s Queen’s Quay.

The Ice Breakers exhibit will grace Toronto’s waterfront until February 26th, and consumers will have a customized app to guide them through the installation.


The TO Ice Breakers app is an interesting way for art enthusiasts and newcomers alike to engage with local artwork and learn about their histories. The app includes an interactive map of each exhibit, interviews with artists and other exclusive content to help visitors better understand the show.

The exhibit is a project of The Waterfront BIA, an organization dedicated to preserving the economic and cultural vitality of the waterfront community.

The app, designed by AP1 specifically for the exhibit, is designed as a scavenger hunt for visitors to encourage them to continue through the exhibit.

Furthermore, The Waterfront BIA is using the app as a data collection tool as well, which has peaked the interest of other Toronto BIA’s to adopt the technology in the future.

So if you happen to be near Toronto between now and February 26, there’s a culturally astute, yet high tech, activity on the waterfront ready to be enjoyed.

Download TOIceBreakers on iOS and Android.