Google Allo is slipping out of the top 500 rankings on Play Store

google allo assistant questions

Google Allo, the Google Assistant-powered messaging app unveiled at I/O 2016, is slowly slipping out of the top 500 charts in the Google Play Store.

As spotted by Android Police‘s David Ruddock, Allo has dropped of the top 500 overall chart twice over the month of January, coming in 482nd place overall on January 30th.

us google allo rankings on the play store graph

In Canada, Google Allo has remained on the board but shows a steady decline over the past month, coming in 389th overall on January 30th.

canada google allo rankings on the play store graph

Meanwhile, Google Duo, Allo’s sister app dedicated to video chatting, is faring better with an overall ranking of 288 in Canada and 239 in the U.S.

On September 28th, 2016, Google announced that Allo had achieved a staggering five million downloads in the five days following its launch. In November, it sat around the 200 mark in the U.S. and around the 100 mark in Canada. The decline has progressed steadily from there.

At launch, Google highlighted Allo’s end-to-end encryption, temporary private messages and the ability to reply without typing via Google Assistant. From consumer response so far, it seems those features are failing to draw users from the many other communications apps currently available on the market.

With Google I/O 2017 scheduled for May 17th to 19th, many Google fans are hoping the company will reveal a new direction for the app, or at least plans to integrate its features into other existing Google communications apps.

Source: App Annie Via: Android Police