Chrome performance improved by up to 40 per cent, says Google

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Google’s Chrome browser is experiencing overall performance improvements of up to 40 per cent.

The tech giant wrote on its blog that its browser “now more intelligently skips redundant tasks, chooses optimal rendering algorithms, and better utilizes system hardware, causing websites to load faster, run smoother, and use less power.”

To achieve this, it focused on making changes to the rendering pipeline, which is what is primarily responsible for ensuring websites display at 60 frames per second (fps).

Chrome only has 16 milliseconds (ms) to render each frame at this frame rate, including JavaScript execution, layout, style painting and moving the resulting pixels to the user’s screen. The less time spent performing these tasks within this 16ms period, the more time web developers have to run scripts and load content. 

With the new optimization, the time to paint these frames is reduced by up to 35 per cent. Google says it’s working on updates for many other areas of Chrome outside of the pipeline.

The blog post says that the update has been rolled out on Chrome across mobile and computer devices.

Recently, it also made improvements to the browser’s reload speed and security on websites.

Source: Google Blog