Media streaming platform Plex purchases personalized news service Watchup

Plex App on iOS

Media player service Plex has acquired news company Watchup.

Watchup is an app that allows user to generate a news feed personalized from over 200 local and international channels through partnerships with over 150 publishers.

Watchup app

“The acquisition marks a move toward solving a big problem in online media consumption — that people should be able to access all their news and content from one central place, on any device, at any time,” a Plex spokesperson saidin a statement. “Having solved half of the problem — getting your content on any, and every, device — Plex is now setting sights on building out a robust content ecosystem. The Watchup acquisition is a big step in that direction.”

Plex uses its Media Server software for users to organize all of their media and stream it to mobile devices, smart TVs, gaming platforms and more.

Watchup is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as Nintendo Wii U.

Source: Plex