Twitter rolling out platform changes to finally tackle abuse

Twitter Pillows on couch

Twitter itself admits that it hasn’t approached cyberbullying and abuse on its platform in the right way.

The social company recently announced that it will introduce new features to address the persistent problem. Despite the company’s multiple attempts to address abuse on its platform, it hasn’t been able to get a handle on the issue thus far.

In the days ahead, Twitter will reportedly roll out a number of product changes and will continue to make changes until its users feel their impact.

“We want to ensure that all Canadians on Twitter have the best experience on our service,” says Rory Capern, managing director of Twitter Canada, in a statement sent to MobileSyrup. “In Canada and across the globe, we recognize that everyone on Twitter should feel safe to explore and engage. Product updates are coming to improve this experience and I echo the thoughts of our entire team at Twitter Canada and my global colleagues in saying that safety is an absolute top priority.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey added in a tweet that the company will use new methods to tackle the problem.

Very few details on exactly what is changing were given, though these announcements ring similar to those made by the company in the past.

Source: Twitter