Over 70 percent of U.S. medical students use Toronto-based Figure 1

Figure 1 iOS app

The health tech DMZ alumni that captivated Canada’s healthcare industry seems to have done the same around the world. Since last April, cases on the app have reached two billion views by healthcare professionals around the world.

Organizations such as New York’s Mount Sinai Health System and Doctors without Borders have also made use of the service. In addition, the company has hit several milestones alongside reaching two billion views.

“Reaching more than one million users is a meaningful step toward our goal of democratizing medical knowledge. The global demand for Figure 1 shows how important immediate collaboration is for the healthcare community, and we couldn’t be happier to see medical professionals and students come together on the platform to improve their practice,” said Dr. Joshua Landy, co-founder of Figure 1, in a statement.

Over 70 percent of American medical students are currently registered on the platform. After the United States, the app’s largest market is Brazil, where 100 thousand professionals now use the platform in Portuguese.

Dr. Aaron Black, in a statement sent to MobileSyrup, says that he both enjoys using the platform himself as well as teaching it to students.

“I use Figure 1 to hone my diagnostic skills and to interact with the specialists in my field as well as allied health professionals it from the global healthcare community,” said Black, an orthopedic surgery resident. “I enjoy teaching and Figure 1 is a wonderful resource for this as well,” he continued.

Lastly, the medical startup has forged partnerships with the American Cancer Society, the University of Chicago, STAT News, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the Medical University of South Carolina, and others.

Figure 1, the app that connects healthcare professionals and medical students, recently released a report claiming over one million users.

The service is available on mobile devices through both iOS and Android as well as on the web, and offers tens of thousands of medical cases for viewing by healthcare professionals.