Two long press tips that make Twitter for iOS faster

Twitter app for iPhone

Twitter has over 319 million users around the world and recently made a number of changes to the layout of its platform. While many are waiting for the social network to tackle abuse, Twitter has changed the way users interact with its app by combining Moments, search and live video into a new Explore tab.

This new section sits in between Home and Notifications and has been designed with the goal to increase the number of interactions on Twitter. The Explore tab shows trending news, top Moments from the day in various categories and a general list that gives quick access to news, sports, entertainment and fun (this is basically how Moments was originally set up).

The Search bar has shifted to the top but some users have been wondering why Twitter opted to remove its one click search feature. Thankfully, this is feature is still around and iOS users who access the app from an iPhone or iPad can easily long press the search icon for an automatic search bar.


In addition, if you have saved a Tweet in draft mode you can long press on the compose icon to see your tweet drafts.


These are just a couple tips to make you more productive on Twitter.