‘I’m a Mac’ actor Justin Long is now promoting Huawei’s Android phones

huawei mate 9 justin long commercial

Actor Justin Long, probably best known for his role in Apple’s popular “I’m a Mac” commercials from the mid aughts, is now schilling for a different manufacturer and operating system — China-based Huawei’s Android-based Mate 9.

Long starred in Apple’s famous TV commercials that poked fun at the Mac-PC rivalry from 2006 to 2009. In an interesting twist, Long is now advertising for a device using the Android operating system — arguably the PC of the mobile world.

According to publication Campaign US, Huawei actually hired Long because of his previous work for Apple.

In the new advertisement, entitled ‘The Interview,’ Long is a job candidate being interviewed by a Mate 9 for the position of directing a commercial for the smartphone. The amusing ad plays off of Long’s previous association with Apple and mentions that he has a “ton of experience in tech” but that he hasn’t direct anything before.

Originally Huawei wanted Long to speak more directly about his work with apple in the commercial. Long, however, was able to convince the company to “infer” the relationship instead.

The Mate 9 isn’t officially available in Canada.

Via: Campaign US