Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 rendering confirms rear-mounted fingerprint sensor

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Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone has leaked once again, this time courtesy of a rendering by CNET Korea.

The publication says it spoke with an unnamed Samsung official to compile the drawing.

The rendering shows a smartphone that features a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. Notably, Samsung has offset the scanner to the right of the Galaxy S8’s camera module. Typically, if a phone has featured a rear-mounted finger sensor in the past, we’ve seen Android OEMs place it underneath the camera, not next to it.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 rendering

According to the Samsung official CNET Korea interviewed, Samsung decided to position the fingerprint sensor to the right of camera to better accommodate right-handed users. The reasoning goes that the right index finger of right-hand dominant users will naturally rest next to the phone’s camera bump, making it easier for the majority of people to unlock the phone (sorry, southpaws).

I should also note that this drawing corroborates the leaked S8 images Evan Blass published alongside his report on the upcoming smartphone.

Moving away from the drawing, CNET Korea says the Galaxy S8 will feature on-screen navigation buttons, as well as both a USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. The website also notes the S8 will be available in two different screen sizes, 5.7-inches and 6.1-inches, with both models featuring curved displays.

Samsung is expected to finally unveil the phone at an event in New York City on March 29th.

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