Snapchat could soon allow users to add augmented reality overlays and objects to landscapes

Snapchat - snap discover section

Snapchat creator Snap is working on an updated version of its in-app lenses feature that would allow users to overlay augmented reality objects and animations on landscapes, in addition to faces, according to a new report from The Information.

Development of the feature is reportedly already in its advanced stages, with company employees able to play with the functionality within the internal build of Snapchat. Snap, however, has not decided when it will launch the enhanced lenses to users.

While it was not able to see the updated lenses itself, The Information reports the functionality is significantly more advanced than what we’ve seen the company do on the landscape front to date. Instead of adding something simple like snowflakes to a scene, users will be able to add entire objects that can interact with the environment, says the website.

When and if the feature launches, it will be a boon to advertisers that have stayed away from Snapchat up this point. While Snapchat users have a lot of fun with the app’s augmented reality face filters, they’re not a feature that brands can easily build an ad campaign around — unless, of course, said brand is a makeup company, or something else along those lines.

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