Instagram is testing multi-photo posts with its Android app

Instagram app

While it seems the last few months have seen Instagram preoccupied with replicating Snapchat, the company appears set on finally adding new photo-sharing functionality to its popular app.

The latest version of Instagram’s Android app, 10.7.0, allows some users to share 10 photos inside of a single post. Effectively, the company is finally adding albums. If you’ve seen the multi-image posts some brands have used on their feeds, then you know what regular users can expect to see.

In the feature’s current iteration, some users are reporting being able to apply a single filter to all 10 photos at the same time, or a separate filter to each image. Some reports indicate that users who are able to access the ability to post multiple photos can’t actually post the images to their timeline. It’s likely that Instagram is just testing the feature currently and has plans to roll it out to more users in the near future.

Viewers can move through a multi-photo post by swiping to the right, with each image recording likes and comments separately.

Users who currently have access to the feature have not been able to share their albums, suggesting Instagram may have pushed the test out earlier than intended.

Image courtesy of Droid Life.

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