Nintendo says it has sold 1.5 million NES Classics worldwide

NES Classic box

Nintendo says it has sold 1.5 million NES Classic consoles worldwide, according to data revealed during a recent corporate strategy meeting.

The NES Classic has been difficult to buy across North America and most of the world following its November release. Recently, Nintendo of America took to Twitter to emphasize that it’s working towards keeping up with the massive demand for the retro console and that it’s “increasing production.”

While the console is a cool collectible, mainly because it looks like a ultra-detailed miniature version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, it functions nearly identically to many of the emulators currently available on a variety of other consoles and devices.

Also, the 2.5ft controller cable included with the NES Classic’s gamepad makes very little sense. Playing games directly in front of the television on the floor just isn’t much fun as an adult.

The information was originally translated by Wall Street Journal reported Takashi Mochizuki.