Trump travel ban could prove beneficial for the Canadian tech sector

Canadian Flag

Despite the apparent turmoil being experienced by Americans affected by the Trump travel ban, Toronto immigration lawyers claim that it may present a golden opportunity for Canada’s tech sector.

The order, which bans travel from seven Muslim-majority countries to the United States for a period of approximately 90 days, has reportedly affected travellers and separated families around the world.

Silicon Valley firms in particular are concerned that the order could disrupt the flow of foreign talent into the U.S. American tech firms have often turned to foreign workers to fill a gap in global digital skills, reports the CBC.

The CBC goes on to state that Canada’s tech sector could come out on top amidst all the confusion, with Canadian tech companies looking to recruit some of the foreign tech talent currently barred from entering the United States.

Immigration lawyers told the national broadcaster that while Canadian tech firms don’t often have the means to compete with the glamour of the Valley, they provide the stability that foreign recruits may consider to be more valuable at this time.`