Government of Ontario turns to online crowdsourcing to build out 2017-2018 budget

Queens Park Legislature Building

Ontario’s Liberal government is turning to crowdsourcing to build out the province’s 2017 – 2018 budget.

As part of an ongoing process that started back in December of last year, the provincial government is asking Ontario residents to visit its Budget Talks website. This time around, the provincial government wants taxpayers to vote on three of 13 initiatives they would like to see make their way into the upcoming provincial budget.

Once voting is complete on February 23rd, the government will integrate eight of the 13 top ideas into the 2017 – 2018 budget at a cost $3 million CAD to taxpayers.

Some of the ideas include banning grocery stories from throwing out or destroying unsold food, starting a tree planting program in primary schools and creating a program to help indigenous youths obtain teaching degrees.

Visit the Budget Talks website to vote.

Image Credit: Flickr – Lucas Richarz.

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