NES Classic ‘A Boy and His Blob’ arrives on Android, doesn’t turn phones into grey goo

A Boy and his Blob Android game

A Boy and his Blob has become the latest classic NES game to make the jump to Android.

Available via the Google Play store for $6.49 CAD, the version that Android users can download today is a remake of the 1989 original. First released back in 2009 on Nintendo’s Wii console, the remake has since made its way onto a variety of other platforms, including Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, receiving an HD touch-up along the way.

A Boy and his Blob is a puzzle adventure game. Its main gameplay loop involves finding jelly beans for the boy’s titular blob. These beans allow the blob to transform into a variety objects, which help the player solve the puzzles before them.

Note that the game is currently listed as “Unreleased.” Android users can still download the app. However, the game’s developer warns that there are a number of known bugs in the current release.

Download A Boy and his Blob from the Google Play Store.

Source: Google Play

Via: Android Authority