New Chrome extension reveals Netflix’s ‘hidden’ subcategories

Netflix 'hidden' subcategories

As Netflix continues to add a deluge of content to its platform, both in terms of originals and licensed content, it’s become increasingly difficult to actually find something worth watching as you parse through high-quality films like Zombeavers and The Human Centipede.

One way around this issue is to search within very specific Netflix categories the platform’s internal recommendation system utilizes to suggest content you might be into. Netflix’s hidden categories have been a known quantity for some time now, but accessing them has always been a multistep, difficult process.

Now, a new Chrome extension called Netflix Categories unlocks the streaming service’s subcategories within Google’s browser. While some may be unaware, Netflix actually classifies its content into hundreds of very specific categories and subgenres, most of which are significantly more specific (almost to a level that they seem crazy) than what regular users see on the service.

Instead of broad categories like ‘action and adventure’ showing up or ‘psychological thrillers,’ more specific categories like ‘B-Horror’ and “Sci-Fi Adventure’ can be perused (there are also some pretty weird ones).

Once the simple browser extension has been installed, you can jump into a list of categories to explore. You’re also able to search for favourite specific categories you may want to find later. Previously, it was possible to access Netflix’s subcategories, though doing so required a list of complicated codes and some URL trickery.

According to Mashable, the app’s developer, Deekshith Allamaneni says he’s in the process of adding more categories to the app in the near future. The code is also available on GitHub.

Via: Mashable