Leaked LG Watch Sport and Style user manual reveals Google Assistant details

lg watch sport style

The user manuals for the forthcoming LG Watch Sport (LG-W280A) and LG Watch Style (LG-W270) have leaked, courtesy of Android Authority, revealing details about Android Pay, Google Assistant and hardware features.

The manual describes how users can use Google Assistant within the watches by saying “OK Google” or by pressing and holding the power button. From there, they can utilize functionality like taking notes, sending a text or email, setting a timer or alarm or requesting a step count update or heart rate scan.

The manual confirmed that the LG Watch Sport will be the first Android Wear device to support NFC payments, stating users can make payments through Android Pay by launching the apps screen, tapping Android Pay and then touching the watch to the card reader. Of course, as Android Pay has yet to launch in Canada, the implementation is likely further off in comparison with American users of the wearable.

The documentation also shows how the Sport will charge wirelessly on a cradle similar to the Samsung Gear S3 while the Style has a charging pad more in-line with the Apple Watch.

lg watch style box

GSMArena has also revealed leaked pictures of the LG Watch Style’s packaging (shown above).

Previous leaks from trusted sources have indicated that the Watch Sport, the more premium device, has a 1.38 inches, 480 x 480 pixel plastic OLED display, 768MB RAM and a 430mAh battery.  The Watch Style has a 1.2-inch, 360 x 360 pixel plastic OLED display, 512MB RAM and a 240mAh battery.

Both watches feature 4GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and iOS compatibility. The Sport adds in cellular connectivity (3G and LTE), NFC and GPS support.

The LG Watches are expected to debut on February 9th alongside the official launch of Android Wear 2.0.

Image credit (LG Watch Style): GSMArena

Source: Android Authority