The next wireless standard is officially ‘5G’

5g logo

5G is now officially the next standard for wireless broadband connections, according to 3GPP.

A logo has been revealed, which sports a new wave pattern and is an extension of the existing LTE wave logo, using the green from the LTE-Advanced Pro version.

“The idea is to keep a familiar design aspect with the use of plain black text and textured waves, but to make the logo stronger and sharper — ready for use on the new radio and next generation core specifications for 5G,” the company wrote on its site.

The goal was to make this new logo different from the existing 4G LTE branding in order to help consumers better understand the difference, since the LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro logos are very similar.

Although the new standard now has an official name and brand, the technology itself is still a number of years away, with initial Phase 1 specifications not planned by 3GPP until late 2018.

Research into 5G is already abundant in Canada, however, with major players including Telus, Huawei, Rogers, Bell, Nokia, the Ontario government and the B.C. government, investing in the technology.

Among 2016’s notable milestones in Canadian 5G research are Huawei’s May 2016 pledge to invest $16 million CAD in an effort to accelerate ‘5G Ontario,’ Bell’s first trial with Nokia and a successful 29.3Gbps trial held by Telus and Huawei in the duo’s 5G Living Lab in Vancouver.

5G is expected to provide standard rates of 10GB per second over the air.

Source: 3GPP