Samsung to reportedly show off foldable smartphone prototype behind closed doors at MWC

Samsung's logo at Mobile World Congress

Samsung will take another turn in its almost decade-long journey to bring foldable display smartphones to consumers at this year’s Mobile World Congress, according to a new report.

ETNews, a South Korean news publication, says Samsung will show a foldable display smartphone prototype behind closed at the annual trade show. The company’s reason for doing so is to reportedly collect feedback from industry insiders before it begins final production on the device sometime in the next year-and-a-half.

If the information ETNews presents is accurate, it contradicts a recent report from the Korean Herald, which stated that Samsung planned to begin selling a foldable smartphone later this year. To the Korean Herald‘s credit, the publication hedged, noting that Samsung planned to delay its foldable smartphone if it felt associated manufacturing costs were or if there wasn’t consumer interest in the technology.

Of course, none of this is exactly new news. For the past several years, numerous reports have claimed Samsung was at most a year away from starting production on a foldable smartphone. As recently as last year a Samsung executive told Recode foldable smartphones were “right around the corner.” One week earlier, Bloomberg published a report that said Samsung would release not one but two foldable screen mobile devices in 2017.

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