Telus registers Pik TV trademark, hints at program guide with access to interactive games

Telus Pik TV

Telus has filed a new trademark that suggests the carrier will be expanding its TV service, possibly revamping its Optik TV guide to offer more choice beyond TV programs, movies and into gaming.

According to a filing by Telus on February 3rd with CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office), Pik TV will offer customers “pay-per-view television, interactive programming, namely permitting access to an interactive program guide and video-on-demand services; providing access to interactive games via the media of television.”

Telus also notes that the new guide will be available for customers to access in a variety of forms, including apps through “computers, televisions, phones and tablets.”

There is no indication yet from Telus as to when or if Pik TV will be in-market.

Source: CIPO