Fido offers $50 5GB BYOD plan to customers mentioning Freedom Mobile

fido dog with present commercial - byod retention plan

Fido is responding to Freedom Mobile’s low plan prices — particularly the $45 CAD 5GB Everywhere Plan, which is temporarily reduced to $35 — with a $50 5GB plan for BYOD subscribers.

The deal first popped up on Red Flag Deals, with the original poster stating that it was offered to him when purchasing an additional line. Many subsequent commenters in Freedom’s wireless service areas reporting they managed to snag the deal after threatening to leave to Freedom Mobile.

The plan reportedly includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited international texting along with other standard features such as call display and voicemail.

Subscribers have reported some limitations to the plan, as well, including the fact that it does not stack with the 10 percent additional line discount for new BYOD activations. Additionally, those who haven’t been with the carrier long will likely have trouble securing the deal.

Several subscribers have reported that the new plan does not include Fido Roam, the carrier’s pay-per-day travel feature, which could also be a significant detractor for many. Still, the deal is extremely compelling next to the carrier’s current in-market offerings. A BYOD Data, Text and Talk Fido Pulse plan with 5GB of data and unlimited calling is currently $75.

Update February 14th- Tech journalist Peter Nowak reports the offer also works if customers mention Koodo.

Source: Red Flag Deals