LG G6 to feature V20-like quad-DAC high-quality audio

Leaked LG G6 photo

LG’s upcoming G6 is set to feature a quad-DAC sound output system that’s very similar to the high-quality audio functionality present in the recently released V20, according to a press release from LG Korea.

The G6 is set to feature a ESS-designed 32-bit quad-DAC system, an upgrade over LG’s recently released V20. LG says that its new DAC has the ability to control the left and right earbud independently in order to create more accurately balanced sound.

Adding a quad-DAC differentiates the phone from competitors like the iPhone 7, placing an emphasis on high-quality wired audio while the rest of the industry moves towards a wireless future, particularly Apple.

In preparation for the launch of the G6, a smartphone that looks to reboot LG’s flagship phone brand, the company has also launched a new sign-up page that allows people to sign up to receive more information about the leak.

The form allows users to submit their first name, last name and email, to eventually learn more about the upcoming G6. The website features the words, “See More, Play More.”

In other G6 related news, Android Central has posted a lengthy story about a static image the site refers to as a “leaked exclusive teaser,” indicating the phone will place an emphasis on reliability following the bootloop issues that have caused problems with the G4, G5 and V10. The teaser reads, “reliability. check, check, check.”

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of leaks revealing the LG G6’s overall design direction, showing off a sleek looking device that doesn’t feature the modular “Friends” functionality of its predecessor.

It’s expected that LG’s G6 will be revealed at Mobile World Congress later this month during the company’s February 26th press conference.

Update 02/14/17: The once “exclusive” teaser has now made its way to other websites, revealing a second panel that reads, “Resist more. Under Pressure,” perhaps indicating that the G6 will feature IP68 water and dust resistance.

Source: LG KoreaAndroid Authority