Nest Cams are now able to detect what a door is

Stock photo of nest cam sitting on a table

An update released this morning for Nest’s Android and iOS app adds a number of new features to the company’s Nest Cam, including a new ‘Nest Aware subscription’ feature, allowing the camera to automatically detect doors within its line of sight.

This allows the Nest Cam to set an ‘Activity Zone’ over that specific area, resulting in users being able to create notifications specific to doors being opened and closed. While Activity Zones aren’t new, the addition of more intelligent auto-detection functionality opens the Nest Cam up to more customization than was possible before.

Unfortunately, the feature requires a Nest Aware subscription that runs at approximately $10 USD per month (about $13 CAD). Even with the subscription, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to access the functionality right now since Nest says it’s rolling out the feature over the coming weeks.

Along with fancy door detecting technology, the latest update to Nest Cam also adds animated push notifications, as well as the ability to push live video from the Nest Cam to your smartphone whenever a high level of smoke or carbon dioxide is detected. This feature is only available on iOS 10 and Android 7.0 Nougat.

Finally, this update also added launcher shortcuts that functional similarly to 3D Touch on iOS, to the Android version of Nest Cam.

The Nest Cam app is available on iOS and Android.