Carleton University professor awarded $600,000 to research 5G wireless technology

Koodo wireless signal shown on a smartphone

Carleton University Professor Richard Yu has been awarded a $600,000 CAD strategic partnership grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), to develop and research 5G wireless technology.

According to a statement from Carleton, the money will go towards Yu’s research focused on making 5G wireless tech more efficient and effective.

“The results of this research will support the growth of Canada’s information and communications technology industry,” says Carleton University in a statement.

It’s unclear exactly what area of 5G Yu will focus his research on, but the new wireless standard is widely regarded as the future of mobile connectivity. 3GGP recently revealed the official logo for the 5G standard and solidified the technology’s position as the next evolution in wireless speed.

Research into 5G connectivity is already abundant in Canada, with major industry players like Telus, Huawei, Rogers, Bell and Nokia, as well as the provincial governments in Ontario and B.C., investing in future development of 5G.

Huawei also pledged $16 million CAD in an effort to accelerate 5G’s development in Ontario. Bell also recently held its first 5G testwith Nokia, while Telus and Huawei held a 29.3Gbps trial in their 5G Living Lab in Vancouver.

“This grant is building on the strengths of my research on 5G wireless technologies in the past and then looking for strategic directions in the future,” said Yu in a statement.

Source: Carleton