Huawei and Montreal’s Polytechnique launch multi-year joint wireless research venture

Polytechnique Montreal - Huawei Canada

Huawei and Polytechnique Montréal have launched a multi-year, joint venture to establish the Future Wireless Chair (FuWiC) partnership.

FuWiC marks Huawei’s first academic partnership for the Huawei’s Canada Research Centre and will focus on advanced communications research and development.

“The partnership with Polytechnique — one of Canada’s largest applied-research universities, and the flagship of a large group of renowned and established world- class research facilities engaged in both theoretical and experimental work — is one that will help our Canadian team continue to lead our global advanced communications research.” said Christian Chua, president of the Huawei Canada Research Centre, in a statement.

As part of the agreement, Polytechnique Montreal will receive over $5 million CAD through investments from the Huawei Canada Research Centre and an equal amount from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

In addition, Huawei pledges to contribute non-monetary resources to Polytechnique that are specifically tailored towards the development of 5G, which will help integrate technologies like IoT and autonomous vehicles.

Source: Huawei Canada