Google starts soliciting Pixel 2 design feedback

Google's Pixel smartphone leaning against a brick wall

Google has started collecting user feedback on the design of the company’s Pixel smartphone.

In a post on Pixel User Community forums, Krishna Kumar, Pixel product lead, asks Pixel users to write what they want to see from Google’s next smartphone.

“I would like to hear your thoughts,” says Kumar. “What do you like about the design? What do you hate about it? What did we get right? What would you like to see us improve?”

Currently, the majority of those who contributed their thoughts to the post have highlighted the Pixel’s large bezels, lack of waterproofing and single bottom-facing speaker as major design issues Google needs to address with the Pixel 2. To be fair, a lot of these are things Google is likely already considering; according to a recent report from 9to5Google, the search giant plans to reportedly add water-resistance to its next smartphone.

What design changes would you like to see Google make when it comes to the Pixel 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.